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Product Types

Hidden Base Channel

Minimalist style balustrade system that is rebated below paving / concrete / decking.

Mini Peg Fixing

The most popular style of balustrade because of its versatility. Glass is mounted in mini steel pegs. Suitable for all applications that include decking, paving, concrete, etc.

Button Fixed

50dia or 38di stainless steel buttons anchor glass against any finished surface. Very popular for raised walls to minimise glass height and stepping points for balustrade compliance. The first choice for staircases to maximise width and space.

Stainless Blade (X1 Series)

The X1 Series Balustrade system is a highly sophisticated product aimed at a designer market. It has been used on a variety of projects from houses to high-rise apartment buildings, office buildings and shopping centres.

Engineered Glass (no handrail)

Strong, sturdy and beautiful in clarity, Engineered glass remains safe and intact even in the unlikely event of breakage. This product is made up of multiple sheets of glass and laminated together with a structural interlay. Out performing glazing standards meaning no handrail is required most in domestic applications. Each project is specifically engineered for purpose so no 2 projects are ever the same.

Handrail Styles

When it comes to handrail we are a strong believer this is a very personal choice Over the years we have done handrails many different finishes. Be it round, square, flat or oval. Timber, stainless steel or aluminium discuss your preference with us today.

Custom design

Have a idea you want to bring to life? We are always keen to work on exciting new ideas. Contact us today to discuss your design requirements.

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