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 Glass so versatile and can be used in many application you may not have even though of. Glass pool windows, flooring and roofing are a popular choice to add wow factor to any project. Glass must be engineered by our in-house team for all applications because no industry standard has been set for us to work from. It’s a time consuming process and “MUST” be thoroughly detailed early in the design process to make sure you don’t have to make costly building changes. 

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We will let the images speak for themselves.


We have some exciting projects on the go and cannot wait to have them photographed in the near future. Watch this space. But for now if you want a glass floor on your project contact us today to discuss.

Roofing & Skylights

Pergolas, Canopys and skylights made from glass are a perfect way to get a natural light into any space. With glass you have minimal to zero distortion or tinting keeping your view uninterrupted for a lifetime.

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