MGC offers premium quality frameless shower screens which are designed and installed with perfect execution. Our team provides only the very best in a product, with
an extensive range of options for a truly unique design that complements the styling of any bathroom or ensuite. 

The Line Up

Think outside the square, be bold, try something new for a change.

Our Manhatten screen is right on-trend. Bespoke. Configuration only limited to your imagination.

This style of screen is primarily known as a walk in shower screen with no door. A low maintenance selection.

A wall to wall shower screen with a pivoting / hinged door for bathrooms with limited spaces.

The practical and suitable choice shower screens on a bathtub. Fix & Swing maximises coverage and access all in one.

A wall to wall sliding shower door. A sleek choice for areas with tight access or when large door openings are required (e.g wheelchair access)

A two sided screen situated in the corner of a bathroom with a pivoting / hinged door

A two sided shower screen situated in the corner of a bathroom with a sliding door.

The pinnacle of sliding shower screens with both inline and corner options available.

Other Products