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Two high-end homes featuring bronze toughened mirrors to ceilings, antique mirror wall cladding, crystal clear showerscreens with brushed gold fittings, mirrors, stair balustrade and skylights. MGC worked side by side with Masco Build and their clients to bring each detail of this epic project to life. Installing mirrors on a ceiling was a first for the team at MGC.

As featured in: THE LOCAL PROJECT
Builder: Masco Build




Masco Build

6mm Silver Mirror
Bronze Toughened Ceiling Mirrors
Bronze Toughened Ceiling Mirrors
Bronze Toughened Ceiling Mirrors + Stair Glass Windows
Silver Mirror + Showerscreen
6mm Bronze Foyer Mirrors
Antique Wall Mirror Cladding
Antique Wall Mirror Cladding
Crystal Clear Showerscreens with Brushed Brass Fittings
6mm Grey Mirror
Silver Arched Mirrors
Silver Arched Mirror
Silver Mirror
Antique mirror cladding
Crystal clear glass shower + silver mirror
Reeded Glass
Crystal clear glass showerscreens
Crystal clear glass shower + Mirror
Antique mirror cladding

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